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We collaborate with you to create something custom.

custom CNC work.

wood. plastic. aluminum.



Rob Dunn, Keg & Castle Inc.
Hi!  I'm Rob Dunn, owner of Keg & Castle.  I can't wait to build something with you.
I collaborate with hobbyists and businesses to create something that doesn't quite exist yet, whether it's an indoor or outdoor sign, furniture, bar accessory, or a cool idea that you want to bring to life.  We can manipulate wood, plastic and aluminum sheets up to 4' by 8'.
My company specializes in creating custom designed products that enhance your home and business.  

Have you ever had a great idea but it passes because you can't find exactly what you want?  You find something close, but the dimensions don't work for your space?  Have you ever wanted your space to feel like your space but you've made do with what you've got?

Keg & Castle Inc. was born after realizing the ultimate home kegerator that I made with my brother needed to live in the closet because it didn't pass the WAF (Wife Approval Factor).  ​Unconsciously, I set out to remedy this dilemma.  My brother and I built a decent size CNC routing table that handles light-duty goods, like wood, plastic, and aluminum.  Originally I intended to build custom car interior parts, but found that I really love collaborating with people to find solutions.  

CNC table, Keg & Castle Inc.

My wife wasn't sure where this was all going, but she had been eyeing a workstation from some fancy furniture store for a few years, so I decided to make one for her, and show her that I could customize it to her needs.  She altered the design in the catalog to fit her home office equipment, and so it accommodated her seating preferences.  

This is where WAF (Wife Approval Factor) comes in.  I let my wife think this term, WAF, was her idea, but actually it's a thing on home brew forums.  We started exploring all the ways our new machine can solve problems and with collaboration, bring people's imaginations to life.  I get really geeked up about designing solutions and discovered that I could collaborate with people and their imaginations to create some really COOL STUFF!

Beer Stuff & Custom Bars

If you have an idea for a kegerator skin, custom bar top, indoor or outdoor sign, bar stools, family crest... get that imagination going, let's collaborate and make it happen!  

our creative & collaborative process

If you have an idea for a project, please give me a call directly to discuss at 734-707-1488.  After we've had a chance to discuss your project, I will send you a rendering, and we can make any necessary adjustments.  Once you have approved the final proof, your project will be machined and finished.    
Whether you want a stand out office sign, or have an idea for your home, I can't wait to collaborate!

recent collaborations....

  • kegerator covers

  • bar top with carved images

  • indoor office sign

  • custom side tables

  • plastic outdoor sign

  • wooden display signs

  • car interior accents

  • wooden boxes

  • equestrian signs

  • outdoor athletic field signs

  • business front signs

I am local to south east Michigan.  Please contact me to work out the logistics of your request.

Past Projects



My CNC shop is located just outside Pinckney, Michigan.  Please give me a call or send me a message about your project.
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